Message from the Author

“As a Chinese language student in Hong Kong in 1963, I witnessed a remarkable scene—the existence of the world’s freest economy on the border of Communist China, the world’s most centrally controlled economy. From that beginning, I concentrated on a few, intertwined, universal questions:  (1) the emergence, maintenance, and loss of economic freedom, with a detailed investigation of Hong Kong’s future as it passed from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997; (2) analyses of tax systems in the United states and around the world, leading to my role in developing the flat tax and promoting its adoption in more than 40 countries to foster growth and prosperity; (3) racial and ethnic rivalry that fuels conflict, breaks up nations into its racial/ethnic components, and fosters secessionist movements, but showing how free markets can help to curtail conflict and sustain democracy in plural societies.

A fourth universal question is coping with the costs of caring for an ever-increasing elderly population as older Americans move from independent living in their own homes to dependent care facilities. I have proposed several solutions to help manage this financial burden.

My latest writing on these and other current issues can be found on my two blogs: one devoted exclusively to the flat tax movement, the second on a broad range of social, economic, and political issues.” Alvin Rabushka


Alvin Rabushka has authored or co-authored 18 books on topics such as flat tax, economic freedom, race/ethnic relations, Hong Kong, and aging. His complete body of work can be found on this website under the “Books” tab on the menu or by clicking the icon above. Many of his books are available to download for free.

Articles and Essays

Read through Rabushka’s articles on topics such as Tax Policy in the Bahamas, Tax Policy and Economic Growth, Racial Classification, and more. A collection of his work can be found on this website under the “Articles and Essays” tab on the menu or by clicking the icon above.

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Recordings of Alvin Rabushka’s presentations from around the world, as well as interviews with the author. The full video library can be found on this website under the “Video Library” tab on the menu or by clicking the icon above.

What People are Saying About “The Flat Tax”

“If you want to understand the flat tax, whether to praise it, to bury it, or simply because you want to be better-informed, this is the book to read.”

“The Fair Tax is a more “current” proposal for serious tax reform but the arguments of this book are nevertheless well worth studying for anyone interested in revising tax law.”

“The Flat Tax is an important book because it can have an impact on public opinion. It can be a part of scrapping the tax code.”

“Get this book, read it and then pass it along to a friend. The more people that come to understand this very viable alternative to what we have now, the more it may actually become possible that we can bring about change to the tax code.”

“Read this classic if you actually want to be informed on this issue – they’ve covered all the objections you can think of, and more.”